A Mach made in heaven

It’s not every day that you get to rummage around in your hero’s drawers, if you’ll pardon the expression. But as a participant in one of Royal Academician David Mach’s first Drawing & Collage masterclasses, for three days I was let loose among his vast hoard of collage materials to add to and develop the drawings I’d made in his studio, working from the life model.

Feeling like a kid in a sweetshop, it was difficult to choose from the myriad papers carefully categorised under tantalising headings such as blue skies, beach, ice/snow and water, as well as the less savoury ones labelled hellfire, fat, and falling folk. As someone who loves a bit of colour-coordinated organisation, it was a double whammy.

It was a long weekend of uninterrupted drawing and collage heaven, with lots of advice, creative development ideas and encouragement from David. The sessions were regularly punctuated by tea and biscuits (ginger thins, in case you were wondering) and anecdotes from the artist’s long and successful career. In short, it was challenging, inspiring, motivating… and a lot of fun.

Mach masterclass-2

Mach masterclass-1

*Find out more about David Mach and his masterclasses at davidmach.com and check out upcoming open studios events at havelockwalk.com